Application of Aluminum Casting in Automotive Industry

As a professional casting manufacturer of automotive parts, Rex provides the best quality aluminum castings to many well-known companies in the automotive industry at home and abroad.
Automotive lightweight is to reduce the weight of automotive products as much as possible on the premise of ensuring that the overall quality and performance of the automobiles are not affected or even improved, in order to meet the requirements of fuel saving, low noise, low vibration and high reliability. The lightweight of automobiles must meet the overall design requirements under a certain cost control. Only to achieve large-scale production, the production cost of these new lightweight materials and processing technologies can meet the benefit requirements of material production enterprises.

What benefits does aluminum castings bring to the automotive industry?

1, Automobile lightweight promotion, energy saving and consumption reduction, environmental protection
For a 1300kg car,its fuel consumption can be reduced by 8% if its weight drops by 10%, . In other words,0.7 kg gasoline can be save for 100km travelled.
2. Aluminum alloy parts can be recycled to further save energy
Usually the recovery rate of aluminum alloy is not less than 85%, 60% of automobile aluminum alloy comes from the recycling aluminum materials, and until 2010, the rate of reclycling aluminum material for automotive industry has risen to about 95%.
3, aluminum alloy has the property of corrosion resistance,which can extend the service life of automobile.
Aluminum alloy can form a dense oxide film on the surface under natural conditions and room temperature, and its corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance are much higher than those of steel materials.At the same time, aluminum alloy has excellent surface treatment performance, suitable for colored anodizing, powder coating, painting and other surface treatment.
4, The application of aluminum castings parts in automobile industry help to improve the safety and stability while driving.
The use of aluminum material is to reduce the weight of automobile without reducing its volume, which makes driving more flexible, stable and comfortable. The aluminum automotive parts have better property in energy absorption and dispersion under impact, so it is more safe and comfortable when drving. Such as the die casting aluminum wheel hubs, lighter aluminum casting hubs will help its shock absorption, so that the lgither buffer can be used and help to increase the automobile’s stability.

The main obstacle of aluminum alloy application

Widely application of diecasting aluminum in automobiles will produce huge economic and social benefits, but there are still some problems to be solved:
1. The performance of aluminum sheet needs to be improved
2, Establish the database of automobile aluminum alloy
3, Research and development of aluminum parts design method, structure calculation method and forming process
4, Computer simulation and welding process method
5. Study the surface morphology of aluminum materials, pretreatment, anti-corrosion effect after painting and other problems, and accumulate data to provide the basis for the formulation of aluminum application process.
6. The repair market lacks experience and methods for the recovery of aluminum structural parts and covering parts after collision, recovery principles and repair welding after cracking.